Are your trees and shrubs protected?

Often overlooked, your trees and shrubs can have insect and disease issues just like your lawn. The problem is that trees and shrubs do not recover as quickly as your lawn would. At Green Path Lawn Solutions, we can provide you with a tree care program specifically designed around your plants needs. The program designed for your trees and shrubs provides preventative protection against insects and diseases that may occur throughout the growing season. Common insects include scale, leafminers, mites, and aphids. Just like our lawn care program which incorporates the use of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method of control and use cultural, mechanical and biological means to minimize the need for chemical dependency for your trees and shrubs.


Trunk Injections

Sometimes your mature trees need a little assistance to fight off insects and/or diseases. A trunk injection is a tool we can use to provide the tree the treatments it needs through the cambium layer of the tree. The tree disperses the treatment throughout the tree and provides protection for the season.

Deep Root Fertilization

A healthy tree is able to protect itself against insects and disease. That's why its important to maintain fertility levels for your trees and shrubs. This application provides a slow release formula for your plants to receive the nutrients throughout the growing season.

Winter Plant Protection

This application helps protect trees and shrubs against winter injury due to dehydration and wind burn. Our winter plant protection can help alleviate these common problems.